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Airway Vacuums has the ability to revive your newer model vacuums to keep them in perfect working order, as well as replace/repair any non working parts on all older model vacuums. We have saved hundreds of people in the Chattanooga area tons of time and money by repairing what they already have. It is generally more economical to have your existing machine diagnosed, and our clients often tell us the repair was much more affordable than they had originally anticipated.


Repair Reviews:

“I would say that after Airway cleaned and repaired my several-years-old vacuum, it worked like new, but in fact, I think it works better than it did in the first place.”
– Jennifer Blair via Google

“Have never had to take a vacuum to a repair shop but when I needed to, I’m so glad I came here! Bob was great and fixed my clog in about 10 minutes. I was able to leave with it! Also, there are plenty of used ones there for sale.”
– Mimi K via Yelp

“We have used this family owned business for many years. It is an absolute treasure. The grandpa was honest and the younger family members are the same. Support this small business, you won’t regret it.”     – Sharon L via YP